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Whale Tail Keyring/Bag Clip

£1.99 In Stock

An unusual Whale Tail Keyring/Bag Clip - apparently made from an old spoon - how inventive!

Made in Devon, by adults with learning difficulties who live in an enchanting place on the foothills of Dartmoor.

Why not remove the clip/ring and put it on a piece of ribbon to wear as a necklace? Nobody else would have one!

  • Each item is handmade, so no two pieces are the same.
  • They may not be completely perfect and come with nobbly bits, superficial cracks and bobbles!
  • Each piece is charmingly quirky, and packed with character.
  • Truly unique.
  • 4.5cm x 6cm (inc. clip).
  • Previously sold at £3.99
  • Snap it up as we can never be sure when we can restock these charming items.

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