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My friend Fiona - yes she really does exist and really is my friend. She is an all round good egg and amongst other things, a very fine artist. Like me, she is a great animal lover. In particular, cats.

One day a few months ago she brought me a gift - the Albert Dubout glasses case (to be found in Accessories). I absolutely loved it and was almost mesmerised by it - I thought it was just the best! After much discussion (and a few glasses of wine!) we concluded it might be a bit of fun to find out where it was made and possibly sell them. That grew into selling all sorts of things that had animals on.

So this is it, MyFriendFiona.com - lots of lovely things covered with various animals. A celebration of friendship perhaps.

I hope you enjoy the products here - it´s been great fun sourcing them and I have been amazed by the creativity of the designers, artists, and artisans I have met the length and breadth of Britain. There is so much talent out there.

Keep looking as new stock will be added all the time.


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